Obtain a High School Diploma or Pre-Requisite

courses for Vocational, Cegep and University admission.

Our Academic Services are available to registered students.

Our Academic Advisor is available to help adults with educational and career decision making. Our Advisor will help you develop an educational or career plan. We can provide you with current information on graduation requirements, or information on applying for technical vocational schools, CEGEP or university.

- Register students in our Academic courses

- Examine transcripts to provide appropriate course selection

- Develop an Academic plan for a High School Diploma or Cegep and University admission

- Assist students with College Applications and Letters of Intent

- Update student grades through SRAM and CAS for the various Colleges

- Help students navigate through their academic choices

Please contact our Guidance Counsellor:

Leslie Habib


Academic Advisor:

Chris Nagel